April 3, 2024

#365birds OCTOBER 2023

It's been more than a minute since I've posted anything on my blog, much less any of my bird drawings. In a bad headspace in recent months, I am struggling constantly.

The last batch of my bird portraits I shared with you was SEPTEMBER 2023! And, now it's April. Whoa, Linda. 

I share with you today my 14 favorite bird drawings from October, 2023. Being October, I am getting close to the end of my personal challenge, #365birds, during which I drew one bird image each day for a year.

As always, I will put certain information above each of the drawings: the day of  the challenge, the bird's name and where in the world the particular bird can be found naturally.

day 327 - golden conure


day 328 - european shag
northeast atlantic and the mediterranean

day 329 - great indian hornbill
southeast asia, bhutan, nepal, southwest china, southwest and himalayan india, cambodia, laos, myanmar, thailand and vietnam

day 330 - anhinga
southwest coastal north america - north carolina and texas

day 331 - rooster

day 336 - white-throated magpie jay
central america

day 339 - spiny-cheeked honeyeater

day 344 - ornate hawk eagle
tropical americas

day 346 - bee eater
africa, asia, southern europe, australia, new guinea

day 347 - keel-billed toucan
southern mexico to venezuela and colombia

day 350 - saddle-billed stork
tropical africa

day 352 - american kestrel
alaska, northern canada, the u.s., central mexico, caribbean and south america

day 354 - steller's jay
western north america

day 356 - grey-headed bush shrike
sub-saharan africa

And there you have it. At this point, there are only  nine more days left of my 365-day challenge. I am not going to tell you right now whether I continued after the year was up or not. Watch my blog for the end of it all. ?

Please keep in mind that these are quick snapshots of my original artwork and are not to be used in any way without my express permission. I will gladly have a good quality print made for you if you wish. Just reach out to me.