About Me

The voice behind Paper Seedlings is me, Linda Kilsdonk, someone who needs to do something creative every single day.

Through Paper Seedlings, launched in 2012, my intent is to inspire you in your creativity and plant little paper seedlings that will hopefully grow and flourish, making you a happier, more settled person who possesses the means to escape for a little while. This time gives you personal satisfaction – that feeling you get when creating, even if your end creation cannot be called an unqualified success in the eyes of others. The satisfaction comes from the endeavor, the time spent on something important – YOU! – and possibly a creation of which you can be very proud.

Are you interested in escaping the stresses and humdrum-ness we all encounter as we make our way through this beautiful gift called LIFE? Even if you are an optimistic person who travels through your days wearing rose-tinted glasses and don’t have much trouble with anything life throws at you, we ALL need some ME time for unwinding and just to escape for a bit. I call this my Creative Therapy, and I cherish it more than I can say. If you love papercrafting, you will right at home here on Paper Seedlings.

I hope to inspire and encourage you to try something different, be it a new technique or an alternate way of looking at things. At times, I use humor to tell a bit of a story. Most of the time though, you will find helpful photos and suggestions. Often I include full tutorials on how to do a specific project. Many of the projects I present in Paper Seedlings are those my girls (no guys yet!) have created at one of my monthly Stamp-In workshops.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as a nontraditional student. Having been occupied with creative endeavors from a very young age, I have continued in this vein ever since. The way I have been staying especially creative is through being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator since 2005. I love sharing what I love with others, and my favorite way to do so – outside my monthly workshops—is through my twice weekly posts on Paper Seedlings. In order to give my readers and customers their best creative experience ever, I need to remain fresh in my ideas so I can continue to pass on only MY very best.

At times I will present to you a project that I am less than satisfied with, something I don’t consider a success at all, and I ask your opinion on what I could have done differently to improve it. By asking your advice, I always hope to start some sort of a conversation through the comments. I love it when comments play off each other and nurture new ideas and/or questions.

As a reader of Paper Seedlings, I hope you will consider ordering some of your Stampin’ Up! product through me, become a creative friend, find something new or be reminded of something old you’d forgotten about, and sign up to receive updates on Paper Seedlings posts so we can continue our creative journey together.

I also have Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts that I would love for you to follow. My Instagram account especially shows other creative areas in which I dabble.

Carve out some important creative time for yourself! You’ll never regret it. And let me help show you the way to feeling more satisfied and content through some creative therapy.



  1. Decided to sign up since I have lost my creative mojo and I was a studio art major...you have a task ahead of you, girlfriend.

  2. Yay! Welcome! Here's one way to get your mojo back: a wonderful Facebook group called #dailycreating, hosted by Artist Terry Runyan. I belong and it's done ever so much for keeping me going. Check it out! Smiles, Linda at Paper Seedlings