May 13, 2014


This past weekend was an especially good one. "Why?" you ask. Well, my little Stella was here! And, Saturday night, we got to "babysit" (or should I say "kidsit"?) with her while her mom and dad went to a movie.

Stella and I had a blast together. Her daddy had brought along a kit for the two of us to do together: making a 12" doll. The box said, "Some adult supervision may be required." Oh, really? SOME? It took me about three hours to complete the cute doll. No help from Stella though, as it was all well beyond her capabilities.

As a break during the doll creating, she and I moved to the parlor where the piano and a comfy couch for reading are located. She read a book to me that she has been creating -- starting from a blank white book, she is illustrating and writing the story. A very beginning reader, Stella writes her stories by spelling the words the way they sound. Quite precious. And I love her illustrations! She is becoming quite an artist, taking after her talented mom.

After the reading sessions, Stella decided to jam out on the piano. And she truly puts her heart and soul into her virtuoso performances! As usual, I was there with my camera to record the action. Usually I stand in the doorway alongside the piano and take my photos. This time, however, I moved to her other side -- a spot that is inconvenient for me to squeeze into. But, in this case, well worth it.

I took many, many photos. Most of them turned out quite blurry and not wonderful because of the great amount of action involved in her piano playing. The dim lighting in the room also doesn't help.

However, in looking back at the photos I had taken, I discovered three wonderful shots that included a reflection of the keyboard in her glasses!

Since I hadn't done a scrapbook layout in MDS for quite awhile, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to get at it once again. The result: Ebony & Ivory Eyes.



  1. This picture of Stella is so neat!! I love what you did with it. You just never know what's on the camera!!

  2. Such a wonderful image! Thanks for sharing on the Thursday blog hop!

  3. I think this is the cutest picture. So sweet!

  4. Oh I just love the reflection of the piano in her glasses! Great photo! Thanks for linking up to The Creative Exchange Linky Party!

  5. Cute photo! Stella is just adorable girl!

  6. Love your blog. Such a cute photo! New Follower.