August 26, 2014


I do love a challenge. That's when the Paper Seedlings are planted really deep. I get to THINK and really PLAN! And it is so much fun to watch those Seedlings grow and develop!

I especially love it when someone hands me a challenge that is quite outside my personal box. Those are the projects that really help me grow as a creative person.

When a friend discovered that I had in my possession some bright yellow tissue paper with Caterpillars (the kind of Caterpillars used in road construction) she got very excited. Oh?

She proposed to me that I make a birthday card for her son using that tissue because "he is in construction! He would love that!" I immediately agreed. But . . .

. . . when I got down to my Creation Station and looked at the tissue once again, I discovered that the Caterpillars were several inches apart. With the usual size of a card being 4 1/4" x 5 1/2", I would be able to fit maybe two-and-a-half Caterpillars on a card front. Real impressive, huh?

I fixed that problem by ripping out the Caterpillars with a bit of yellow tissue around each one. I then collaged the pieces onto a piece of cardstock, overlapping as needed. It turned out pretty cool. And, the ruggedness of the torn edges further added to the construction site look of the card!

Being a mother of girls, I had no construction-type stamps in my stash. So, I went gladly to my old buddy MDS (My Digital Studio). I knew I had something in there that would work perfectly.

I created my trucks and a few traffic signs in MDS, printed them, then cut them out with wiggly borders around each image. For a dirt/sand look, I tore some handmade sandy-colored paper into a couple pieces upon which the trucks could be grrrrrr-ing.

My sentiment was also created in MDS, then printed and cut out.

Here is the final result:

I must report that when I delivered the card to her yesterday, she was delighted and knew he would love it too. Happy Birthday to Gus!

Are you ever presented with a challenge, maybe more than you think you're capable of? Did/Do you pursue it to the end? Or did you give up before you even started? How about discovering that it wasn't working out quite the way you had planned/hoped? Did you give up then? Or are you always ready for a continuing challenge -- that of rethinking and possibly ditching your original plans? 

Sometimes when I'm trying to figure something out and it is just not going right no matter what I do, I step away from it for the rest of the day and come back to it later. Often I will discover that it wasn't nearly the disaster I had originally thought it was, and was able to pick up where I had left off and finish it up. And be happy with the result. At other times I'll come back, take one look at what I had walked away from and realized that I was right to have done so. I rarely throw something away completely. I am usually able to rescue at least part of the project, and proceed from there. I will never call a project finished until I am completely satisfied.

Please share some of your challenging experiences with us?



  1. It came out cute. I've had got to remember the trick with tearing out the itssue paper designs and collaging them. It really looks nice.

  2. Very nice card, I too like the trick with the tissue paper. I use that for decoupage but never on a card. Thanks for stopping by this weekend. Have an enjoyable Holiday!!

  3. I'm glad to see you put so much thought into a birthday card. It seems that those are forgotten anymore. Just purchase it and sign it.... I have some birthday cards from when I was a child and they mean so much to me.

    Deborah Nielson

  4. Such a cute idea!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  5. Cute card! I like the trucks! Thanks for sharing at submarine Sunday!