June 21, 2017


Since my dad died a few weeks ago, it seems that my muse and I have parted company. I hope she hasn't died too, and that her absence is only temporary.

As a result of me being on my own in Creative Territory, I haven't been terribly productive. I sincerely apologize for that and hope that I'm not going to be feeding you less than interesting posts for much longer.

My monthly workshop was held last Monday (a week and a half ago). Usually by this time, looking ahead to the next month's workshop coming up, I already have at least two of my projects designed and created. How many do you think I have finished? C'mon. Guess. Uh huh. You're right. None.

The only motivation I have is to shove sweet stuff into my mouth and cry. I have been able to lose myself a few times in my Gelli Plate printing. But, that isn't coming up with new ideas for projects. It's just not. It's simply Creative Therapy I guess.

It is just easier to coast along doing something that is comfortable, in this case, Copic coloring. So, with all that pity party stuff said, that's what I am showing you in today's post.

I still have some of that Sale-A-Bration coloring DSP left. In fact, I guess you could say that I am sort of hoarding it. 

Last week, when I was at the Gallery for my four-hour shift, I'd brought along this little piece. I had been coloring in some of the Tim Holtz crazy dogs, and had a container full of appropriate colors for doing the dogs with me. There was not one green or blue hue in the bunch.

So I randomly grabbed Copics and started filling in the spots of this leafy/branchy piece with the strangely non-foliage colors I had on hand. I must admit that I am quite happy with the random results, even if the colors are weird for a rainforest setting.

Some of the areas to be colored were simply too wide open to look right with the detail that could be found elsewhere. It bugged me. So, using a ballpoint pen (all that was available in the Gallery) I drew in some line-y details. I was surprised that the Copics worked well with black ballpoint pen. But they did. So I was pleased with how I broke up the open spaces. And I hope you can't tell which my hand drawn elements are. 

 Once I finished the coloring, I proceeded to put it together into a card. I picked up on several similar colors for cardstock that I had used in my Copic coloring.

What's really weird -- and frustrating -- in these photos is that portions look like they are possibly left white. Absolutely nothing is white. Everything has been colored.When an area looks light -- like white -- it is actually a really pale peach. This includes the cardstock on which the sentiment is stamped.

I need to point out that the two side edges are some of the new Wood Textures Designer Series Paper Stack found on page 187 in the new big catalog. This stack of 48 6" x 6" papers are all wood-look. And they are AWEsome! 

The photos of this card do not really reflect the brightness and saturation of the actual colors of the card. As usual. 

Please say you'll send me some positive creative thoughts. Grief is so demanding and mind-numbing. I hope I can get through this and really start to get some things accomplished. That is, rather than just doing the mundane non-creative stuff. 

Hello, Muse??? Are you out there? 
If you can hear me, please come back! I miss you!



  1. I lost my Mother last year and I remember going through a creative funk. I am sorry for your loss. You will get your mojo back! it just takes time. Your copic coloring is nice.

  2. What a great use of colors! Thanks for posting with us at #CCBG

  3. I'm so sorry about the loss of your dad... it's not a pity party... it is grieving.... The coloring is a good therapy and a way to be creative in a different manner.

  4. I rather like the pattern and the colors. I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my parents when I was young and took my mother's death especially hard. Be gentle with yourself, it takes as long as it takes.

  5. My dad passed nearly five years ago and I still have those "daddy" moments. Allow yourself to grieve. The muse isn't gone, it's just sitting back letting you do what you need to do. Close your eyes and be in the moment - what ever that brings. Time really does heal, but the feeling of loss never really goes away. Our parents are in integral part of who we are, even as adults. When they go, we have to reassess who we are. Revel in the memories and allow the sorrow. Your work is still beautiful and so are you.

    Positive white light energy and thank your for sharing your work at the Pleasure of the NW's DIY party - this one is especially welcomed.

  6. Linda, I'm so sorry for your loss. The colors are amazing and very happy. Maybe it's a sign of things to come. Thank you for sharing this at Make it Pretty! Have a lovely weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  7. Linda, everything you share is beautiful. Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers and we are honored that you continue to share with us each week.