May 12, 2020

#dailycreating DECEMBER 2019

Here I am with another month of halfway decent drawings from my #dailycreating group with Terry Runyan, visual artist and creative encourager. Pretty faithfully following the daily prompts, I rarely miss a day of drawing.

These are ten of the drawings I did during December. Of course, being December, many of my drawings were very seasonal. With the exception of the snowman, I didn't want to bore you with all the holiday stuff. I thought maybe the snowman was allowed since, here in Wisconsin, we did have snow the other day.

As always, I will show above each drawing the prompt for the day, as well as any other information I may know about the subject matter. 



I've always wanted to visit Switzerland, 
so I guess the closest I'll ever get is a mouse inside Swiss cheese.

banana flower







I don't know if it's my anxiety over the coronavirus stuff we are all going through, but I am having a rough time of drawing lately. I hope that improves. If it doesn't, I just may give up on drawing rather than produce garbage day after day after day.

How are you all holding up with the pandemic and all it entails? I hope you stay safe and well.

THE SMALL PRINT: Please respect that these are my original drawings and may not be used or reproduced for any reason whatsoever without my express consent. Thank you.



  1. I especially love the chicken and the cardinal! Gorgeous!

  2. These are really lovely drawings, don't give up when you have such a talent!

  3. These are so cute. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I can help with the reproduction/copyright thing, Linda!

    Are you on a Mac, by chance? If so, go to your Desktop and/or where you go to Photos you've saved. Pull up a photo itself (in Preview). Go to the Toolbox up on the right and open it. Go to the "T" with the squiggly marks around it, and a box on your photo will appear. Here is where you can write in any font you like to watermark your photographs. Hit Save and that's all there is. Oh, the box can be resized and moved around. Took me a while to figure all this out as I learned how to do this about 5 years ago but it helps and makes your photos protected. <3

    I wasn't able to save your photo to my photographs, but if you send me a copy of your chicken I will pick a nice font for you and copyright it with Paper Seedlings. <3

    Hugs and happy Friday to you,

    Barb :)

    I'd like to feature your post for next week's Share Your Style, so... I will try and grab a photo and see if I can watermark it (might have to have you email it to me). I'll try it now...

    1. p.s. The very bottom I wrote as I was trying to pull your photo into my photos but it obviously didn't work. Disregard that writing! :)

  5. So nice!! Art has really helped me through these challenging months too. Please keep it up for your good health. Sending best wishes! Jen

  6. These are more than just decent drawings. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing them each month at #HomeMattersParty