August 8, 2020

#dailycreating MARCH 2020

March 2020. Already depressed from the new coronavirus pandemic and all it entailed, I also had to deal with double prompts throughout the month. Oh, woe is me. 

Not only did I continue to follow the prompts of Terry Runyan's #dailycreating group, but my 12-year-old artist granddaughter, Stella, hosted her second annual March Into Spring challenge throughout the month. Wherever possible, I attempted to blend the two prompts. Whatever. It added a great deal of stress to my daily creating. I don't know why. It should have been fairly straightforward. 

Anyway, as the result of the pandemic feelings, plus the undue stress of two prompts each day, I am not proud of my output for the month. Yuk. 

I chose nine of my drawings that were not nearly good enough to post publicly, but, unfortunately, were the best of the bad. So please forgive me for the crummy pieces I have to share with you in this post. As always, I will add the prompt(s) above each drawing.







#herbs (I named this dog Herb)



Wow! I really had to reach for some of these, eh? I apologize for the poor quality. Hopefully April will bring some better stuff.

Until then . . .

Stay safe and well!

I know no one would be interested in "stealing" any of these drawings, but please remember that this is my personal work and not to be used without my express consent. Thanks..



  1. The giraffe is terrific and I love the pig, too. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Linda,

    Fabulous job! The giraffe is terrific but I love the painting of the dog wearing rainboots on his front paws with an umbrella in his mouth. Great job!

  3. Say what? The quality? The koi looks amazing!! And the chorus of whimsical frogs is just as cute as it can be!

  4. Not poor quality at all! I love the pig and the giraffe especially! #MMBC

  5. Poor quality??! These are fantastic. I especially love that giraffe.

  6. These are adorable! My favorite would have to the chorus of frogs - such a cute print! :)
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

    1. The frog chorus sings to you, "THANK YOU -- ribbit!"

  7. These are great! We can sometimes be our worst critic. The chorus of frogs and the dog with the umbrella will brighten anyone's day, both are so happy and fun! My favorites are the pig and the giraffe. I'm visiting from Create With Joy. I saw that she featured you. Take care and keep safe!

  8. These are so awesome, Linda! I will be featuring them in tomorrow’s Creative Compulsions.