October 6, 2020

#dailycreating MAY 2020

It's time once again to have a post featuring some of my drawings from Terry Runyan's Facebook group, #dailycreating. This time I will be focusing on May 2020. I must have had a good time with my drawing that month. Even though the quality isn't exactly there, it is definitely a hodgepodge of fun. 

As part of #dailycreating, hosted by Visual Artist/Creative Encourager Terry Runyan, the expectation is for us to create something every single day. Each week, Terry publishes a list of prompts for the days of the coming week. I especially like the days that she includes more than one prompt, as often one prompt won't speak to me, but the other will. The prompts are not mandatory, just a suggestion as a place to start if we don't have any ideas. I usually follow the prompts.

I will include above each drawing the prompt for the day, as well as any other pertinent information I might have on the subject matter.

Here goes:

#lei day


gouldian finch, australia

#cinco de mayo

#thing on thing


giant toucan


#thing on thing
atlantic puffin


#thing on thing
sonoran desert toad


#garden tools


Hmmm. It was a fun month. Some of the drawings were created directly from my <unimaginative> head, rather than drawn from a reference photo. That is what I'm trying to achieve in my artwork, trying to get away from references so much. In fact, I am taking a variety of Skillshare classes to help me towards that goal right now. Hopefully, what I glean from these classes will eventually show through in my work. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your patience with me in sharing these pieces with you once a month. I love all your support and comments!

Please remember that these are my personal works of art and not to be used for any reason without my express consent. If you enjoy something enough to want to own one, I will happily have a giclee print made for you.



  1. I always look forward to your drawings.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. I am so pleased to hear that!

  2. I love your drawings Linda! They will be featured in in this week’s Creative Compulsions.


  3. Wow !! You are very talented Linda. These drawings are fabulous.
    Thank you for sharing with us at Meraki Link Party