March 6, 2021


 An old stamping technique that I would like to revisit in this card is Faux Cloisonne. 

The definition of true cloisonne is "decorative work in which enamel, glass, or gemstones are separated  by strips of flattened wire placed edgeways on a metal backing." It is often used in jewelry or decorative pieces. To see examples of true cloisonne, check out these images.

Looking at the panel on the left of my card below shows you what Faux Cloisonne looks like.

Starting with an interesting portion of a magazine page, add stamping over the images with VersaMark ink. After covering the stamping with embossing powder, use a heat tool to set it.

In my card, I did this embossing step twice, first one stamp in gold, 
followed by another stamp in silver.

A closeup of my faux cloisonne. 
Please note that my phone is bright red and the reflection in the embossing picks up the red color.
The reddish portion is just a continuation of the gold.

The magazine page I started with.
Admittedly I could have chosen something a little more exciting. 

I paired up the Faux Cloissone with a section of Balmy Blue cardstock that had been embossed with the Old World Paper 3D Embossing Folder, found on page 185 of the Annual Catalog.

I have used this technique many times over the past years, but with more vibrant and exciting images to start with. I would then use a swirly decorative stamp to do my stamping and embossing, usually in gold. I have even die cut these shapes into elegant Christmas ornaments to use on Christmas cards.

A post with examples of these cards can be found here.

Starting out with little happy circle shapes (the ad) I thought it would be cute with little closed and open circles as my stamping. While the end result was satisfying enough, it isn't the stunner that is possible with this technique.

The technique is simple enough, only requiring a little advance planning in your base magazine page and an appropriate stamp to give the proper effect.

I truly think this example falls a little short.

Have you ever tried the Faux Cloisonne technique? Are you always satisfied with your results? Does the possibility of creating with this technique make you look at decorative magazine pages in a different light?

Back to the drawing board for me.



  1. I have never thought about cloisonne in relation to cards but it is a lovely effect. #MischiefandMemories

    1. Thanks! I hope you clicked on the link I provided to the Christmas cards made with the tecchnique. They really show how lovely the technique can be -- this card doesn't quite do it, in my opinion.

  2. Thanks, Michele! You are awfully kind.

  3. That is really neat! I had not heard of that technique before. Pinned.

    1. Thanks, Joanne! Give it a try sometime! Lots of fun -- and quirky results.

  4. I never would have thought of using magazine photos -- great idea! And this turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  5. This technique has a beautiful effect ! Never heard of the Faux Cloisonne technique, but would love it try it out.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful card with us at Meraki Link Party.
    Much love

    1. Thanks, Naush! I hope you do give it a try! It makes you look at magazine pages in a whole new way. Have fun!

  6. You have the best ideas. Thank you for sharing on the Classy Flamingos.

  7. You certainly put a lot of thought and creativity in to each and every card you make. I like all of the little details in this one. #HomeMattersParty