November 2, 2021

#dailycreating JUNE 2021

Time for a monthly installment of my journey with the #dailycreating group on Facebook, hosted by illustrator Terry Runyan. Terry and our family on this group are so inspiring, encouraging and loving. I so enjoy being a part of the #dailycreating group!

We members of the group are encouraged by Terry to create something -- anything! -- each day. I originally joined #dailycreating back in August of 2018 with the intent of honing my drawing skills. Last night I did my 1096th drawing. 

While I don't draw something every single day -- you know how life can sometimes get in the way -- I would say 98% of the time I produce something creative. The days I miss I feel sort of bereft that something is missing, that I let myself down on a commitment I'd made.

Each Sunday afternoon, Terry posts a list of prompts for the upcoming week. She tells us the prompts are optional, that we should create what we are comfortable with. Sometimes though her prompts are a good starting point. I try to follow her prompts, although sometimes I will go off prompt.

I must have really enjoyed my drawing during June 2021. I have 16 pieces to share with you. As always, I will insert the prompt above the drawing if I've followed it. I will also include any other pertinent information I may have about my subject matter.

 #thing on thing

saddle billed stork

off prompt
tree frog


#thing on thing
red faced star finch


#thing on thing
ornate hawk-eagle, belize


off prompt
tarsier - indonesia


proboscis monkey - malaysia

#thing on thing
california quail

#pink flamingo


#bird watching
puffin - scotland

spotted seal


I guess a few notes are in order here in case you have any questions about the prompts. Wednesdays are always designated as #thing on thing day. For #thing on thing, Terry does a head with a cat on it. You should check out her art at her website, You will love her whimsy!

Anyway, I have deviated somewhat in doing my #thing on thing creation each Wednesday in that I usually find a bird with some sort of appendage, hairdo, weird bill, to draw for this prompt. 

Initially, Terry had designated all Saturdays as #caturday. She then extended it to include #dogurday for those who aren't big fans of cats, but prefer dogs. In the past several months, she has now also included any animal at all for animalurday. I love this and often take advantage of these extended prompts.

Please respect that this is my personal original art. I ask that you don't reproduce it in any way without my express permission.

I thank you heartily for allowing me to showcase a month's worth of my drawings at the beginning of each month. I know this doesn't fall under my original goal of planting Paper Seedlings, hoping to inspire you in your papercrafting journey. But, I cherish this opportunity -- and more importantly, I love your comments and encouragement of my drawing journey. Thank you!





  1. Amazing work- so detailed! I always love to see what you've chosen to draw- isn't the natural world fascinating?!?

    1. Thank you, Marty! I LOVE the natural world. I am learning so much by being part of this group and doing research.

  2. I love your drawings. My favorites are the whimsical whiskers and the last one, Froggerday.

  3. I came for the tree frog and fell in love with the goose wearing sandals! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

    1. Aw, thanks, Lydia. I'm so glad you like my tree frog and my stylin' goose!

  4. I really like the frog and the giraffe! Very nice!

    Thank you for sharing your artwork at the Homestead Blog Hop!

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