December 4, 2021

#dailycreating JULY 2021

Below you will find 14 of the drawings from July 2021 that I did as part of Terry Runyan's #dailycreating group, in which we are encouraged to do something creative each day.

Every Sunday afternoon, Terry posts a daily list of prompts for the upcoming week. These prompts are optional, but oftentimes very welcome as a jumping off point if your idea muse has gone on vacation. On occasion, I deviate from the prompts; most time I follow them.

Above each drawing, I will note what the day's prompt was if I followed it, as well as any other pertienent information about the subject if I have it.


spotted seal


#bikini day


#fashion day
mexican hairless dog


#farm animal

#favorite color
rainbow lorikeet - australia

dungeness crab

echidna - australia


great horned owl

#thing on thing
himalayan monal


Hmmm. In adding the prompts, I think I need to give a bit of an explanation. Terry used to designate all Saturdays as #caturday. Then, for non-cat lovers, she added #dogurday. For some reason, a few months ago, she also added on as an optional prompt #animalurday. So, when you see a prompt followed by "urday", that was my choice of animal or bird to work with that particular Saturday.

Also, I know I've said this in the past, but it bears repeating. Wednesdays are always #thing on thing. Terry almost always draws a head with a cat on top. I have taken it upon myself to consider anything a little extraneous on a bird's head -- tuft, crest, weird hanging things -- as considered #thing on thing. So, that's what I personally always do on Wednesdays.

Just a reminder that these are my personal drawings and not to be copied or used in any way whatsoever without my express consent. I will be happy to make Giclee prints of any of my drawings. Thanks for understanding!



  1. I love frogurday! Your drawings are always a welcomed surprise! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks! The last couple of months, I wasn't sure if people were still enjoying them or not. I'm glad you see them as a welcome surprise! That delights me.

  2. Absolutely fabulous, Linda!


  3. All great, but I love the camel best! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen Kathleen

    1. Thanks so much, Kathleen! I'm so glad you like my camel!

  4. Beautiful! I admire your dedication to this creative endeavor every day. Thanks for sharing it with us. #HomeMattersParty

    1. Oh! Thank you so much, Donna! Yes, it does keep me being creative. I appreciate that so much.

  5. Wow! Linda, these are all outstanding! You are so gifted, sweet lady :)

    1. Oh, no! YOU'RE the sweet lady! Thank you so much! You totally made my day!