August 7, 2023

#365birds MAY 2023

After surgery and my four-day hospital stay as memorialized in this post, I am in full swing with my personal drawing challenge, #365birds. Each day I randomly grab a bird's name from a jar, and that is the bird that I will draw that day. 

In this blog post, I share with you a handful of my favorites from the month of May. As always, above each drawing, I will not only include the name of the bird, but the area(s) of the world in which it can be found.

day #180. silver-eared mesia

southeast asia

day 183. brown cuckoo-dove

day 190. javan trogon
western java

day 191. dalmatian pelican
southeastern europe to russia, india and china

day 192. burchell's coucal
sub-saharan africa

day 193. red-bellied woodpecker
north america

day 194. diard's trogon
brunei, indonesia, malaysia, singapore, thailand

day 196. schlegel's asity

day 197. glossy ibis
east coast of united states

day 199. white-throated kingfisher

day 201. masked trogon
south america

day 202. flame bowerbird
new guinea

day 203. green honeycreeper
southern mexico to trinidad

day 204. collard falconet
indian subcontinent and southeast asia

And, that's it for May. If you ever have any questions about my drawing challenge, my media, anything at all, please let me know!

If you would be interested in prints of any of my bird drawings, contact me. Please do not use or reprint any of my artwork without my express consent. Thank you.


Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
- Salvador Dali -




  1. Your art work is so amazing! Such beauty you are able to create! Many blessings to you :)

    1. Thank you so much, Marilyn, for your kind comment! Smiles, Linda