September 16, 2023

#365birds JUNE 2023

Well, in looking through my #365birds drawings for June, I came to the realization that June must not have been a good bird month for me. Almost all the birds I drew in June were just meh. Sigh.

Anyway to continue my features of a month's worth of drawings I did for my personal challenge, #365birds, I present to you a handful of June birds. 

As I always do, I will include above each drawing the day of the challenge (of 365 days) it was, the name of the bird, as well as the part of the world where this bird can be found. 

Day 206 - dracula parrot

new guinea

day 210 - mallard
asia, europe, north america

day 213 - banded broadbill
southeast asia

\day 217 - oscillated antbird
central and south america

day 219 - gray-crowned rosy-finch
native to alaska

day 220 - penguin zebra finch
australia and indonesia

day 224 - rosy finch
the arctic and alpine zones

day 227 - tree sparrow
north america

day 238 - collared puffbird
amazon basin

day 231 - golden-chevroned tanager

day 232 - eastern rosella
eastern australia including tasmania

day 233 - buffy fish owl
bangladesh, myanmar, thailand, malaysia, singapore to cambodia, laos, vietnam and the samoa islands

Please recognize that these are my personal artworks and not to be reproduced or used in any way without my express consent. Be sure to reach out if you are interested in any prints!

Thanks for letting me share my avian journey with you!


The early bird gets the worm 
but the late bird doesn't even get the late worm.
- Charles M. Schulz -



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