November 18, 2023

#365birds AUGUST 2023

August was a difficult month to concentrate on my #365birds challenge. All told, over that time, our precious granddaughter, 15, was in the hospital for 8 1/2 weeks, as the result of first an open heart surgery, followed a week later by the placing of a pacemaker, after which things did not go as planned or hoped. My heart was completely with her and her parents during all of this. I used my drawing as Creative Therapy. At least, it took my mind away from this awful time once in awhile.

So, I present to you a handful of my Creative Therapy birds. As I always do, above each bird, I will note which day of the challenge it was, the name of the bird, as well as any other pertinent information I gleaned about it.

day 267 - tufted coquette
northeastern south america

day 268 - nicobar pigeon
southeast asia

day 269 - coppersmith barbet
indian subcontinent

day 270- american bald eagle
north america

day 279 - mealy amazon parrot
central america and south america

day 274 - blue-eyed cormorant
west coast of southern south america

day 273 - fairy pitta
northeast asia

day 280 - european robin
most of europe, north africa, central asia

day 281 - blue-capped tanager
bolivia, colombia, ecuador, peru, trinidad, tobago and venezuela

day 282 - emerald-bellied puffleg
colombia, ecuador, peru

day 285 - blood pheasant
nepal, sikkim, myanmar, tibet and china

day 287 - white-browed woodswallow

day 292 - king vulture
central and south america

There are two things I really should mention. Stella, our granddaughter, is something of a miracle girl in that she is back in high school fulltime and has resumed all of her normal activities. The doctors are thrilled with the performance of her heart, as well as the pacemaker. 

Also, I have finished my #365birds challenge. As you notice, I am sharing birds I drew in August, still a couple months away from completion. Stay tuned to learn what I am doing now!

As always, if you would like prints of any of my birds, please reach out to me. I would love and be honored if you owned one of my birdies!


Pray, and let God worry.
- Martin Luther -


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