January 14, 2024

#365birds SEPTEMBER 2023

I know. I know. I am woefully behind in my blog posts. It seemed that when I was linking up to other bloggers' Link Parties, I was much more committed. I gave that up in May as the result of a medical experience. Since then, I seem to have been merely treading water. 

I HAVE, however, kept up my daily bird drawings I am happy to report.

In this blog post, I would like to share with you a handful of bird portraits I'd done as part of my #365birds challnge during the month of September 2023. As I always do, above each drawing, I will note the type of bird it is and where in the world he/she can be found.

crested kingfisher

southern asia

wompoo fruit dove

house wren
canada throughout the west indies and central america to the southernmost point of south america

northern flicker
north america

black-capped manakin
southern mexico through central america to south america

yellow-billed cardinal
south america

scale-crested pygmy tyrant
eastern honduras to southernmost peru and northern venezuela

boat-billed heron
central and south america

buff-laced polish chicken
europe and brought to the us

hooded warbler
caribbean, mexico and central america

eastern whippoorwill
canada and eastern us

hooded mountain tanager
south america

paradise flycatcher

banded kingfisher

indian roller
tropical asia

lesser white-fronted goose

red-necked tanager
eastern brazil

lilac-breasted roller

And there you have it. Being September, I was still in the midst of trying to conquer my yearlong challenge, which I finally finished in November. Imagine! 365 days of bird portraits!

These are awful snapshots of my drawings. If you would like a print of any of my bird portraits, contact me and I will get you a good quality print. Please remember that these are my personal art works and are not to be used in any way, shape or form (I'd always wanted to say that!) without my express consent. Just let me know if you want a print or two or three . . .


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