September 18, 2012


To accomplish great things . . . Doesn't everyone aspire to succeeding and accomplishment? At least once in awhile?

This quote (created in My Digital Studio) is sort of a continuation of the first quote published on my blog. You know, the one about being on the right track or getting run over?

In other words, it's not enough to have grand plans if you don't do something about them -- acting. Doing what needs to be done. But, first you need the dream. And the belief in yourself that you CAN succeed.

My dream is to be the best Stampin' Up! demonstrator I am capable of becoming. You know -- you do the best with what you've got? The plan: Paper Seedlings.

Through my blog, I hope to instill possibly new, maybe fresh, but always fun, ideas to further your love for papercrafting and all the wonderful feelings being creative can bring to your life. It is such a great accomplishment to create something that will enhance the beauty in your life and possibly someone else's. What greater thing to accomplish?

Have a dream and BELIEVE that you can make it come true! That's what I'm doing.


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