September 11, 2012


Our dear old friend, Webster, defines the word "perception" as "an awareness of the elements of the environment . . . interpreted in the light of experience". Isn't that enlightening?

Basically we perceive our environment, including personal experiences, individually. No two people observe or experience things the same way. How boring would that be! It's one of the many charms of being human, that we are all individuals and unique. This uniqueness needs to be embraced and cherished. It's what makes us all beautiful and lovable.

The above quote was fashioned in My Digital Studio.

Speaking of My Digital Studio (also fondly known as MDS), it is a truly wonderful creative tool. I had been resisting any notion of MDS since its inception three years ago, hoping that none of my customers would ask me anything about it, because I felt it was completely over my head, and that I would never be able to learn it. Nonsense. My perception of My Digital Studio was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I downloaded the free 30-day trial of the program, played with it for a few days, and knew that I had to have the whole enchilada! So I ordered the complete MDS2, and I know I'll now never look back.

And the downloads are so reasonably priced, you don't have to pay any shipping charges, and as soon as you order them, they are there in your computer, ready to download and be used immediately. As if Stampin' Up! doesn't already have an impressively-complete catalog of goodies to add to your MDS, they release a handful of new downloads every single Tuesday!! Something to get through Monday for!

To check it out further, click on one of several buttons on the right side of my blog. Clicking on the orange square, "My Stampin' Up! Website", takes you to pretty much everything Stampin' Up!, including shopping, ideas, creative projects and videos. Another button merely says "My Digital Studio" and takes you to all the information about MDS you could ever want. The "My Digital Studio Promotion" tells you about a Stampin' Up! promotion in which you can get 31% off 31 MDS downloads. This promotion only runs through September 14.

No matter what your perception of digital creating is, you should really at least give the free
30-day trial of My Digital Studio a shot. I think this would greatly change your perception, and widen your creative world.

Remember: An awareness of the elements of our environment . . . interpreted in the light of experience. An experience you won't regret!


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