December 14, 2012


We had a pretty snowfall here in Central Wisconsin this week.

During this season in the past, we have had a lot of wildlife traveling through our property.
In fact, years ago, when it was still permissible to feed deer, my husband had placed two big wooden feeders fairly close to our house that he kept filled with corn to try to entice our
beautiful guests. And it worked. We had constant wild entertainment.

The deer would travel together along a single path coming from the woods, with our feeders as their destination, always arriving about the same time each day. The buffet is open! Since our viewing window is on the backside of our house, and is raised up to the second story, we had a perfect vantage point to view our visitors. At one moment in time, we had 32 deer in our yard!
It was the most wondrous sight I've ever seen.

Since it is prohibited to feed deer now in recent years, we rarely see any of these ethereal, graceful beings in our yard. Sigh. At times, we see trails of tracks left by deer passing through. But usually not the animals themselves.

This week's snowfall provided a beautiful cover to preserve the proof of their presence -- their tracks. Then, a few days ago, eight turkeys -- which we did see in person -- ambled through the yard, leaving behind a very different variety of tracks. And, of course, the bunnies leave their trails too. The way the various trails crisscross in the snow yields interesting visual appeal.

The other day, the light was so exquisite, and the trails of tracks showed up so beautifully,
I just had to grab my camera and try to capture the sight.

I selected my favorite photos from the day and compiled them all in a 12" x 12" layout in My Digital Studio. I hope you enjoy my memories.