March 15, 2017


It is always so much fun to try a new -- to me anyway -- technique. Even if it doesn't turn out exactly the way it was meant to look. 

I have a habit that some may see as hoarding. You see, before I had Pinterest, where I can now virtually save ideas for future creative play, if I saw something that appealed to me in that I thought I might like to give it a try in the future, I printed it out and set it aside until the time for using it was right. I also pulled pages out of papercrafting magazines with the same intent. So, I do have a stack (hoard?) of these samples. 

The other day, among my hoard, I found a technique that the blog poster called Faux Brass Patina with Vintage Wallpaper Folder. It was posted almost six years ago, on March 16, 2011, by Unfortunately, Jenn is not a blogger anymore, her last blog post having been published August 13, 2012. But, Jenn, if you are reading this, thank you for your post that, even after six years, was intriguing enough to me to give it a try. 

Jenn attributes having gotten the original idea for this technique from Angie Leach, whose YouTube video on the Faux Patina technique can be found here. So, thanks for a wonderful oldie but goodie, Angie! I thoroughly enjoyed trying out your Faux Patina technique!

I am a little disappointed in my personal results in that I did not get that blue-green look, even though I followed her directions precisely. Oh well.

However, I am very pleased with the look of the card that I did come up with:

The true color of my card is somewhere between the photo above and the one below. My lighting was horrible to work with -- hey! it was SUN, so I shouldn't complain -- but it was a challenge.

Faux Patina Technique
I'm not even sure what the proper name is for this retired embossing folder. However, I'd always loved the letterpress look this folder gives. Since I was dealing with a patina, I thought this would be an appropriate embossing folder to use.

The card has a distinctly masculine look. Which is good. 
Sometimes those masculine cards are somewhat difficult to come by. So, that part is a win.

It's hard to believe that this card started out with Whisper White cardstock!

According to Angie's directions, a light layering of gold embossing is called for. In the photo below, you can see evidence of this step.

To continue with the gold look, I added a few brads and some gold cord to accompany the sentiment.

If, after watching Angie's video, you attempted the technique yourself, let her know how much you enjoyed it. Let me know too! I'd love to see your results!



  1. Thank you for posting this great tutorial. I can't wait to try it. Pinned to share! Have a great week!

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    Take care. Laurie