September 9, 2017


The Bandana Technique is one that adds a bit of simple fun to a stamped image. For my example, I stamped this oldie paisley image and stepped it up with the Bandana Technique. 

It's so simple! Just fill in certain portions of the image and add dots and/or dashes of your own with a white gel pen!

While this image -- which works so well for the technique! -- is no longer available (unless you have it in your stash of faves!), there are several in the new catalog with which it would work so well: the wreath and the flowers in Hello Friend on page 17; Flourishing Phrases, page 24; Flirty Flowers on page 25. You could have fun with the images from Big on Birthdays, page 73. Bloomin' Love on page 88 offers a couple of images that would be even cuter with the Bandana Technique. Imagine the dots on the filigree images in Inspired Events on page 111. The snowflakes from Flurry of Wishes, page 116, would look even prettier with this technique. How about Paisleys & Posies, found on page 128? The beautiful flourish could be even more beautiful with white gel dots added, page 143. The dots could be incorporated into a colored version of the Hello Color images on page 168. 

These are just a few examples of current stamp sets that would be lovely with the Bandana Technique. Browse through the catalog to discover other options that I didn't mention! Maybe you even have something in your stash that would work great. It is so easy -- and so fun!

When embarking on an experiment with the Bandana Technique, it is important to use cardstocks that are medium-hued. Anything too dark will, of course, not allow the stamped image to show up enough, and if the cardstock is too light, the white dots would be difficult to see. Experiment! See what works best for you! And, most of all, have fun!

Grab that gel pen and have a grand time!



  1. Dots are so versatile, I love them myself. I like how you have a medium tone background, a dark stamp and the white dots, the contrasts work really well.

    Thanks for sharing your art :D

    Best wishes,

  2. What a cute idea! I love embellishing with my white gel pen; I think I've been through three or four of them already.

  3. What a gorgeous technique, you are so good at this!

  4. love the technique very nice for large area or smaller area. This looks like an awesome country look or at least that is how I would use it
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  5. Such a pretty technique, I'll try this soon . Pinning :-)