September 10, 2019


Here is a technique that hasn't been heard from for a long time -- at least, by me. It's that cool technique known as KISSING. It sounds just so romantic, doesn't it?

I suspect that one of the reasons kissing hasn't been around too much lately is something that I discovered while doing my samples for my blog post. 

The newer style of Stampin' Up! ink pads don't work all that well for the technique. Yup. The new ink pads are so juicy and moist that the colors more or less seep together. Believe me, I tried it many times with lots of colors. The only time I found success doing the kissing technique was when I used the old style ink pads. Quite frustrating. 

Consequently, the only ones that turned out for me -- those in this post -- were done with old style linen ink pads. It just seems to give more individual definition when combining two colors.

I used old style Night of Navy ink upon old style (I feel like I'm talking about beer!) Pumpkin Pie.

To do a little romantic kissing, choose first a stamp that is solid, not line work. Then, for your pattern, choose a stamp that has a design, such as polka dots, that protrudes from the base surface of the stamp.

Ink up the solid stamp (the flower) with a lighter ink or, at least, one that will show after adding a second color. With the second color, in this case Night of Navy, ink up the design stamp (polka dots). Set the inked up second stamp directly onto the inked up solid stamp, pressing it down slightly, but being careful not to slide the stamp around at all. Lift the second stamp directly up from the solid stamp. 

If you've taken a little while to do all this, and your inks may be a bit dry, huff on it, then stamp it on your paper. There! After a little kissing, you have an otherwise plain image with a design all over it! Yay!

Below are two more examples that I did the same day:

Once all the kissing was done, I used the coordinating dies to cut out the flower, added another smaller stamped diecut flower in the center, then finished it off with a Pacific Point button, which actually coordinated really well with the Night of Navy dots. Carrying through with that combo, I added it to a background oval that I ran through the Big Shot inside the Subtle 3D embossing folder (page 199).

To make an oval-shaped card, fold a piece of Whisper White cardstock in half, and then place an oval die over it, with the folded edge slightly inside the oval. Thus, when cut, you will have a little hinge on the top of your card where the die didn't cut all the way through.. 

The only problem with oval (or round) cards is that they don't stand up to be displayed. Grrr.

The next time you're feeling like a little romance, grab a solid stamp and a stamp with protruding design and do a little kissing! Have fun.



  1. These are beautiful, what a cool idea!

  2. It looks like a really fun technique. I love the three that you shared with us! Thanks for linking up to Creative Compulsions!

  3. What an interesting technique, and what beautiful results, Linda! Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Community!

  4. So pretty! Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.