February 15, 2020

#dailycreating SEPTEMBER 2019

Huh. I looked back and discovered that it's been six weeks since I shared a month of my drawings from #dailycreating. The last month I showed you was August, so now I will move ahead a month and give you a peek at what I'd been doing in September. 

I am part of Terry Runyan's Facebook group #dailycreating. As a member of this wonderful and supportive group, we are given a list of optional prompts a week at a time. The prompts are announced on Sundays for the following week, and I must admit I am always chomping at the bit to see what the new list of prompts has in store.

The daily prompts are completely optional. It is just a place to start from for the day's drawing. Because I am always stumped as to what to draw, I stick to the prompts faithfully.

I find it interesting to page through my sketchbook to look at one single month's drawings. Obviously I wasn't in a great drawing mood in September, because I found slim pickin's for drawings that I like enough to share with you. I only came up with nine (from 30 prompts!). Not great. 

Apparently it was quite a chicken month since three of the nine I chose are of chicken faces. At our county fair in late July I took 70-something photos of chickens' faces. They simply fascinate me. So, here you will see three of my chicken renderings.

As always, I will add the day's prompt above each of the drawings, as well as any further information I may have on the subject matter.

Here we go:



Pembroke Welsh Corgi


#thewitches (by Roald Dahl)
Angelica Huston as Grand High Witch, 1990


Bad planning on the page



I know I've mentioned it in previous posts, but some of you may be confused about a couple of my prompts. Terry has designated Wednesdays as Thing on Thing day. She usually draws a cat on someone's head. There is often an alternate prompt for Wednesday also. Since I had so many chicken photos, I announced to the group that, for awhile, I would be drawing chickens on Wednesday. 

Then we have #dogurday. In another cute turn of events, Terry calls Saturdays "Caturday". Since some of the group members are not fans of <adorable> cats, she also added the option of "Dogurday". Often there is also another prompt for Saturdays too. I almost always choose to draw a realistic portrait of a dog for #dogurday. 

So, there you have September 2019. Not a great showing I'm afraid. Sometimes the prompts don't really speak to me, and I found that this September was like that. Following the prompts though obligates me to, well, follow the prompt. So that often takes me way out of my comfort zone. For example, the day the prompt was Star Trek. Whoa. I won't bore you of my rendition of that prompt. 

The Small Print: Please recognize that these are my personal original drawings (often using a reference photo), and are not to be copied in any way, shape or form without my express permission. 

I am in the process of getting several of my drawings ready to be made into prints. If there are any in particular that you would like to see reproduced as a Giclee print, please let me know!

I'm off to draw #sports. Gulp.



  1. Awesome rain frog art and, of course, I still love all your roosters.

  2. oops, forgot to say, I'm visiting from Busy Monday party. I also started following you on Instagram so I don't miss any of your art. :)

  3. You are so talented, Linda! I am amazed by all of these.


  4. My favorites are the corgi and the frog. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week!

  5. These are some great pieces of art! I'm glad I found your blog :)

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

    1. Thank you so much, Betty! I did share my drawing post on My Corner of the World. Thanks for the invite!

    2. Thanks so much for having me! I'm glad to be a part of your corner of the world also!

  6. You are very talented! I love all your drawings!

    1. Thank you, Sylvia! I am so pleased that you enjoy them.

  7. These are amazing! Love them all especially the corgi.

  8. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  9. Awesome work. You can tell you really enjoy the artwork. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty