April 7, 2020


Isn't this little piece of history we, the residents of the planet Earth, are enduring, a little confusing and scary, to say the least? There are days that I feel like I just cannot take in any more of the bad news. Everything sounds so discouraging, and it is so difficult to stay positive. 

I am not good at positive, even in the best of times. I am definitely a glass half empty sort of person. Everyday living puts me into a tailspin more often than not. 

One thing that is good for me personally is that, being somewhat of a recluse, staying home day after day after day is fine by me. My husband, however, still works outside the home. His job as a Meals On Wheels delivery person is more essential now than ever before. He is also the person who runs to the pharmacy and the grocery store. So, with him out and about, I worry about what he is coming in contact with. And bringing home? 

It's tough living only a mile from our daughter and our precious grandson, and not being able to see them in person. Thank heavens for technology because today, for example, I was fortunate to visit with both of them, as well as our other daughter and her family who live about 150 miles away via FaceTime. Certainly the next best thing to being there. We stay in touch in this manner several times a week. 

I am positive I am not alone in this particular situation, whether it is lack of in person family and friends time, emotional upheaval, employment worries, the scariness and unknown aspects of this existence, or actually knowing someone who is dealing with this virus, or who has lost their battle with it.The circumstances are stressful for us all.

With that, I dedicate this card to all of us. I AM sending hugs, prayers and lots of love to all. 

Enough of the discouraging thoughts. 

Would you like to know anything about the creation of this card? No, you say? Well, anyway, I am gonna tell you.

I love the texture of this card. That's really what it's all about, isn't it? I used the same embossing folder, Country Floral 3D, (page 198 of the Annual Catalog) for both the card base as well as the top layer. The card base is just plain old embossed Highland Heather cardstock. I did something different to achieve the looks of the top layer though.

I laid the embossing folder open flat on my work surface. Then, with one of the Sponge Brayers, found on page 181 of the Annual Catalog, and a Highland Heather ink pad, I inked up the brayer and transferred the ink to the side of the folder that has the Stampin' Up! writing on it. I inked over and over again to get a good layer of ink. I then carefully placed a 3" x 4" piece of Whisper White cardstock inside the embossing folder and ran it through the Big Shot. 

The inked embossing is not perfect, but I think it is charming. I LOVE the dimension!

Now, on to the sentiment label. The label itself is from that wonderful set Ornate Frames. The flower, which was stamped off first, as well as the sentiment are from the Inspiring Iris set on page 111 of the Annual Catalog. I stamped off the flower image first before adding my full strength sentiment so the sentiment showed up well against the flower. But the flower itself was sort of an echo of the floral pattern in the embossing.

I hope you and your family all stay safe and healthy. We will all get through this eventually. Stay creative!! It's such a wonderful form of therapy and definitely a stress buster. It's all that's keeping me sane. Most days.

Sending you all hugs, prayers and lots and lots of love.



  1. That is a beautiful card! I just spent a goo 2 hours on the phone with my mom today catching up (from when we talked last week). She only lives maybe 15 minutes away but for now we're making do with the phone. Pinned.

    1. Thanks! I actually talk to my mom (two hours away) every single day, but that's been for years, not just since quarantine. Hope you and your family (and your mom!) are doing well.

  2. What adorable card!Just stunning!God bless you and yours.

  3. Beautiful card and sentiment. Hang in there and stay positive!

  4. love your card one of my favorite colors. I hope you are doing well and wish you love as well
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  5. The card and sentiment it expresses are beautiful! I am with you on missing my grandchildren. Two of mine live about half an hour away. We were used to babysitting 2 or 3 times a week and I miss them dearly. We have been doing Zoom meeting to keep in tough with our far-flung family.

    1. First of all, thank you. I'm so glad you like it. Thank heavens for technology -- my husband and I "shared" Easter lunch with our girls and their families via FaceTime. Next best thing to being there, as you are also experiencing.

  6. Such a beautiful card and lovely sentiments! #MMBC

  7. Linda, this is one of the prettiest cards I have ever seen. You always do lovely work, but you’ve outdone yourself on this one.

    Your husband is a hero for continuing his duties and I can understand why you are worried. One thing I’ve found that helps me, is to limit my exposure to the news. Some days I don’t look at all. We need to do our best to treat ourselves with kindness, and sometimes that means not inflicting all of the dreaded details of this thing upon ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing with Creative Compulsions!

    1. Thank you, Michelle, for your nice compliment about my card, but also for your wise words. I have become quite overwhelmed by anything labeled "coronavirus" lately, and have to try to limit my exposure to such. I am confident that my husband will fill me in on anything I really should know. Stay safe and well!