May 1, 2021

#dailycreating DECEMBER 2020

Time to share another month's worth of my creations from #dailycreating. This time they were all done during the month of December. 

#dailycreating is a Facebook group graciously hosted by Visual Artist/Creative Encourager Terry Runyan. The members of this friendly family-like group are encouraged by Terry to do some sort of creative project each day. 

Each Sunday afternoon, Terry posts a list of optional prompts for the upcoming week. Most of the time I follow the prompts. Other times, if a particular prompt doesn't thrill me for some reason, I will go off prompt. And rarely do I ever miss doing my daily creating and posting my results to the group.

Following you will find 12 of my favorite creations from December. As always, I will put the prompt, if followed, above the drawing, as well as any pertinent information I might have on the subject.

Ready? Here we go!

 #thing on thing

secretary bird



#off prompt

rhesus macaque

#international tea day

#thing on thing

emperor baby penguin



macaroni penguin


And there you have it. There are couple other drawings from that month that I sort of like, but they were Christmas related, and since today is May Day and we finally got a fairly balmy day, I am not going back to Christmas stuff.

Please remember that these are my original art pieces and are not to be reproduced in any way without my express permission. If you would like a giclee print of any of my work, hit me up and I will be glad to do that for you! Thank you for your respect.



  1. Linda, these are wonderful. Every time I thought I had a favorite, the next one made me say, "No, this one's my favorite." Finally just decided I loved them all!

    1. Aw, Jean, what a wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much!