September 4, 2021

#dailycreating APRIL 2021

It's time to take a look at a handful of the drawings I did from April 2021 as a member of Terry Runyan's #dailycreating group.

The members of this group is encouraged to be creative in some way each day, and if desired, post our daily creations to the Facebook group. Members are able to give feedback, encouragement, praise, whatever strikes us upon viewing the creativity of one another. We are never critical. Everything said is always positive unless, of course, the artist asks for constructive criticism on how something could be improved. I always welcome feedback.

Each Sunday afternoon, Terry Runyan, the owner of the group, posts a list of prompts for the upcoming week. The prompts are optional. Some people stick to them strictly. Some use them occasionally as jumping off points. Some simply do what they feel comfortable with. I usually follow the prompts.

For my group of ten drawings (apparently April was not a great creative month for me) I will include above each drawing what the prompt was and any other pertinent information I may have on my subject matter.

Here we go:

#sea birds

steller's sea eagle

english cocker spaniel

#thing on thing
galah cockatoo/australia

#day of mushrooms
american eastern yellow fly agaric

#thing on thing
swinhoe's blue pheasant/taiwan


#other worlds*
atlantic puffin


blue footed boobie

polish rooster

*Other World. My dearest wish is to see a puffin in person. I love those birds! But, the remote places they live -- well, I KNOW I will never get to see them in their natural habitats. So, to me, they are definitely Other Worlds!

Well, there you have it. April 2021. Let's hope that May looks a little bit better than April did.

Thanks as always for permitting me to share my drawings with you. I know it's not exactly papercrafting as is the purpose of my blog. But . . . my drawings are done on paper. So . . . 

Please don't copy my personal work in any way. Giclee Prints can be made of any of my drawings, in much better quality than these snaps, of course.



  1. It's fun to see what you draw, like the thing on thing! It makes me smile.

    1. Thanks! Terry Runyan, who runs this group, has always done a cat on top of a head. That's where she came up with that Wednesday Thing on Thing prompt. I, however, love to draw birds. So, for my Thing on Thing each Wednesday, I draw some sort of a bird that has something that seems to be extraneous on its head, such as a beard, fancy head feathers, etc.

  2. These are all wonderful. I am always so jealous of artists. Laura

    1. Aw, thanks, Laura! I bet you're an artist in some way too. We all are!