July 8, 2023


Omigosh,, I really really love to do projects like this one!

Occasionally, when I'm feeling sort of down and in need of some Creative Therapy, I get a hankering to do some coloring with my Stampiin' Blends. One of my favorite things to do when that happens, is to grab some of my black and white Designer Series Papers and go to work. 

For this card I used two different designs of DSP. A flower and a stripe with prominent black lines. The flowers -- which I call sweet peas, whether they really are or not -- appealed to me because when I was a little girl, my mom had sweet peas growing up a trellis, and I thought they were just the prettiest things ever. So, a little nostalgia here.

The Stampin' Blends I used were Light and Dark Rococo Rose and Light and Dark Granny Apple Green. I did my coloring quite loosely, not carefully at all. Which definitely is a departure for me. Very therapeutic also, I must say.

One thing that I should mention is something I learned when I was in college, working towards my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I had a professor who was adamant about not centering things. He told me, they call it "dead center" for a reason. That is why I always place my focal points either above or below the center point. I feel the same way about dividing a space exactly in half. It just deadens the space. Thus, my left panel is a little wider than the right one. It just feels and reads much better.

Since black was so prominent in these papers, I used it in a few other areas of the card to make it more cohesive. 

Do you ever add color to black and white Designer Series Papers? Doesn't it make you feel so much better?


Artists are just children who refused to put down their crayons.
- Al Hirschfeld -




  1. Now I feel like I need to get some black and white DSP! These colors are so pretty together.

    1. Thanks, Joanne! I love black and white DSP for coloring. You can make it uniquely yours! That's the best!