March 1, 2022

#dailycreating OCTOBER 2021

Here it is, the long-awaited new installment of #dailycreating! Just kidding. I don't know if any of you really look forward to seeing the next month's worth of drawings I've done as a member of artist Terry Runyan's Facebook group, #dailycreating or not. 

Anyway, it looks like October 2021 was another of my birdbrained months. All 13 of the drawings I have featured in this post are, once again, birds. I find birds of all sorts intriguing and so fun and satisfying to draw. 

During October, one of the members of Terry's group mentioned a challenge that was going on, #birdtober, and shared the daily prompts from this challenge. Since, at the time, birds seemed to be my forte, I thought it would be fun to give some of these daily challenges a try. So that's why you'll find that distinction, #birdtober, above many of the photos. 

As part of Terry's international group, we members are all encouraged to do something creative each day. When I joined her group in August 2018, my intent was to work on improving my drawing skills. 

To some extent, I am still working on that. But, life has so often gotten in the way lately, that more than ever, I have started to let my daily drawing slide somewhat. Oftentimes I find myself creating in some way that doesn't involve drawing in my sketchbook, be it cardmaking or working on a project for a Skillshare class. 

I hope I don't lose my desire to draw completely. Part of what's been getting me down about it is the old "not good enough" syndrome in that I don't get very much approval/affirmation from my social media accounts, mostly Instagram. Put it this way: I have to be content with a whopping 20 hearts on any of my drawings. On occasion, it gets to the high 20s, but not often. If you're interested, you can find me under Paperseedlings on Instagram.

I keep telling myself "it doesn't matter." But I don't listen. It DOES matter. To me. Wah wah wah. 

With all my whining out of the way, I will include above each of the drawings the prompt that I was using, as well as any other pertinent information about the bird I've depicted.

#birdtober bee eater

#birdtober hornbill
southern ground hornbill/africa

white-throated magpie jay/costa rica

#birdtober railidae
gray-necked wood rail/central and south america

#birdtober grebe
great crested grebe/europe

#birdtober dickcissel

#birdtober goose
swan goose/eastern asia

#birdtober catbird
gray catbird

#birdtober booby
brown booby/tropical oceans worldwide

great horned owl

#birdtober tanager
cherry-throated tanager/rainforest

#thing on thing

#birdtober caracara
crested caracara/american tropics

I must admit that it was a thrill to have in front of me a month's worth of bird challenges. I've looked for other such challenges, but so far have been unable to find any more. 

Even though I've said it in the past, Terry has designated each Wednesday as #thing on thing day. She always does some sort of a cat on head drawing. She does such a fabulous job of that on a weekly basis. For myself, I have chosen to consider anything extraneous on a bird's head to be fodder for my drawing whims, be it a crest, messy head feathers, weird additions to a beak -- think turkey! -- or whatever draws my interest. That's what I do each week for the #thing on thing prompt. 

There we have another month's worth of drawings, once again all birds. I hope you don't mind me showing you my drawings at the beginning of each month. 

Please don't use or copy any of my drawings without my permission. Giclee prints are always an option.



  1. I think your bird drawings are totally amazing!!! I loved seeing them. I'm a birdwatcher (total amateur from my sunroom windows} and enjoy seeing the "everyday" birds that come to my Midwestern feeder. Thanks so much for sharing them!

    1. Thank you so much, Debra! I too live in the Midwest and am thrilled when finches, cardinals and bluejays show up at our feeders. I am especially intrigued with the very colorful birds from other countries -- they fascinate me, and make me a little jealous.

  2. I love seeing your drawings, too. I find them fascinating. I don't know if you're doing it "right", but I enjoy them. I have a favorite saying that helps me to believe that I'm good enough, but I don't know to whom it is attributed. "Comparison is the thief of joy." You are good enough, and you are entertaining to me! I am anxious to see what you have created every time I see you pop up in my blog feed! I don't go to Instagram much. I prefer blogs because there is so much more depth to an entry. I read every word of what you say here. Keep up the great work!

    1. Oh my! It is wonderful comments like yours that keep me going on my blog. I really really appreciate all that you said. Really. The fact that you look forward to what I post and actually read everything I write means more than I can say. Yes, I'd heard "Comparison is the thief of joy", and while it is very true, I can't quite force myself to quit doing just that. Perhaps that is why I find so little joy in my life. It's a terrible syndrome to have, one I wish I could find a cure for. Thank you so much for your precious words!

  3. Love your drawings, hope you find some time to draw again 🙂

  4. I love your drawings, Linda! As for Instagram, the platform is so focused on products and selling. I’ve quit it like 3 times. LOL! I get it. But I hope you don’t stop.

    1. Oh, thank you so much for your encouraging words, Michelle! They mean so much.

  5. You're so talented! I love the bee eater and the owl. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

    1. Thank you, Kathleen, for saying that -- and the smile!

  6. Acabo de conocer tu blog y me encantan todos tus dibujos, estos de los pájaros son estupendos, parecen reales. Felicidades.

  7. Linda, your drawing talent is really amazing. The detail in each picture has me studying each one.
    Thanks for sharing at the FWF link party!

    1. Omigosh, Rachelle, thank you so much! You are so kind.

  8. So fun to see the different birds Linda. I love watching the birds. The drawings are amazing! We have lots of hummingbirds. I saved one last week. I took it to the hummingbird rehabilitator in our area. Now, it well enough to be released at our home soon.

    1. Aw, Linda, I'm glad you like my drawings! Thank you! And you are a hummingbird saver! Yay, you! So cool!