October 25, 2022


There is a cute, entertaining story behind this card. 

In early July, my family was going to gather at our house for a milestone birthday celebration for me. My oldest daughter called us early that morning to tell us that she wouldn't be able to come -- she had just tested positive for COVID. 

Some weeks later, when she'd recovered and no one else in her family had caught it, they came up to our house for a belated birthday party. They'd saved all the decorations that they'd purchased and brought it all with them to decorate our house. 

While everything they put up was delightful -- and so thoughful! -- a few of the balloons were extra special as they contained potential art supplies! 

The decorations hung around for several weeks, so we could continue to enjoy them. Gradually some of the balloons fell to the floor, much to our 5-year-old grandson's delight. He came over and promptly broke them, mostly by jumping on them. And what a mess he did make -- because all the art supplies went EVERYWHERE!

The art supplies I am referring to are the darling flowers on the background of my card. These flowers were in three "colors", pale pink and creamy tissue paper, and gold mylar. Feather weights they were, and sort of fragile. But I selected a bunch that I thought would look cute on a card. 

By adding a frilly focal point to the center of the flower garden, 
I had a cute -- upcycled -- card.

Although you probably wouldn't need it, following is a tutorial on how to create a card using larger-sized confetti. 

White cardstock
Blushing Bride cardstock
Mossy Meadow cardstock

Mossy Meadow ink

Through It Together stamp set (page 69, Annual Catalog)

Die Cutting/Embossing Machine
Timeless Tags dies
Encircled in Beauty dies
Layering Circles dies (page 172, Annual Catalog)
Mossy Meadow Braided Linen Trim
Gold Sequins
Flower Confetti
Stampin' Dimensionals

Have a birthday and make sure someone brings you balloons with giant confetti inside. Wait until the balloons fall off onto the floor. Have a cute little boy stomp on them to release the confetti. Sweep it all together, because this really makes a mess, being sure you pick out all the little pieces of balloon. Put the confetti into a sealed bag for future use. After you create your card, you can save the leftovers for more projects; they are nonperishable.

If you unfortunately aren't treated to such balloons, you can substitute the confetti with punched 1" flowers in your choice of colors/materials. Proceed as follows.

Fold a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" piece of white cardstock in half, creasing it well with a bone folder.

To this card base, add a 4" x 5 1/4" piece of Blushing Bride cardstock (or cardstock that matches your confetti).

Next, cut Mossy Meadow (or coordinatiing) cardstock to 3 1/2" x 4 3/4". Place a variety of flower confetti as it pleases you onto this piece, gluing them in place. Trim off flush with the edges of the cardstock any flowers that extend beyond.

Adhere this flowery background to the pink piece.

Using the dies from the Timeless Tags set, cut a solid oval from Mossy Meadow cardstock. Cut a fancy circle using a die from the Encircled In Beauty die set from Blushing Bride cardstock. Adhere these two pieces together. From white cardstock, cut a circle with the smallest of the Layering Circles Dies.

On this piece, add a sentiment that fits with the circle in Mossy Meadow ink. With Stampin' Dimensionals, add this to the center of the pink piece.

Thread a piece of Mossy Meadow Braided Linen Trim through the hole at the top of the tag.

Add this to the card front, a little raised from center, with Stampin' Dimensionals.

Finish it off with a gold sequin on the bottom of the green oval.

OK. Now, be honest. Do you ever do anything crazy like this upcycling of confetti? I love being able to discover my art supplies in unexpected places!


To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
- Joseph Chilton Pearce -




  1. So pretty! But it surprises me to think of putting things inside the balloons!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/10/i-dont-see-one-of-these-very-often.html, and I'm glad your daughter is recovered.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, putting things inside of a balloon is a new concept to me too. It looks so cool!

  2. This card is so charming! I love the muted colors against the dark green background. Thank you for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 40.