September 5, 2020

#dailycreating APRIL 2020

It's that time again. Time for another installment of #dailycreating, a Facebook group hostessed by Creative Encourager and Visual Artist, Terry Runyan. Those of us who belong to this group are encouraged to create something every day. 

Because I was interested in honing my drawing skills, a little more than two years ago, I joined Terry's group and am proud to say that I have missed very few days during that time. In fact, the drawing I did for today was #693. You do the math.

Each Sunday afternoon, Terry posts a week's worth of prompts, which we are welcome to follow if we desire. The prompts are always optional, but I find myself pretty much following them.

The drawings I am blogging about today are 14 of the ones I created during April 2020 that I think are worthy enough to show publicly. A few of them are not that great, but I felt I wanted to include them because they showed me sometimes working outside the box.

As always, I will put the prompt before each drawing, as well as any other pertinent information I might have about what I am portraying.

Here goes:







purple gallinule


blue & yellow macaw




faroese seagull




this is my fred, the one who prevents me from having plants in the house




rafflesia flower, the largest flower in the world

If you are new to reading my blog, first of all, I apologize that this is not an actual papercrafting post, providing you with tips and tricks. But, after all, drawings are done on paper, right? Readers seem to enjoy seeing the monthly installments of my drawings.

Also, I should probably explain the prompt above a few of my drawings. Saturdays are always designated as caturday/dogurday. Being both a cat and dog lover, I am so disappointed that I am lousy at depicting cats. So I usually gravitate towards dogs. 

One other prompt may cause you to scratch your head. Wednesday are always "thing on thing" days. Terry almost always draws something like a cat on someone's head. I, however, tend to sometimes interpret the prompts fairly loosely. For example, in my seagull drawing, the seagull seems to have a crack on his bill. Thus, to me, thing on thing. Crack on bill. Weird I know, but it gives me so much more leeway and I tend to really look forward to Wednesdays just for that reason.

I will let you go for now. Look forward in several weeks to drawings from my May 2020 sketchbook.

Please respect that these are my personal original drawings and not to be used by anyone for any purpose without my express consent. Thank you for that!


POSTSCRIPT: Blogger, my blogging platform, keeps changing things on me. Thus, the weird spacing above each of the drawings, my inability to make the photos larger, etc. Grrr. I am not great with change, and I can't seem to fix these things. Now, I've discovered that it will not allow me to add labels. Hopefully these are glitches that will be remedied. Oh, one other thing it did without my consent: the photos were loaded into my blog post in reverse order! Frustrating. So, my apologies. 


  1. I, for one, love to see your drawings. You have talent, and your drawing show that. I like your other posts, too, where you talk about a card you made. I love both!

  2. All stunning, but the rooster is definitely my favorite!

  3. You are very talented! Found you at Grandma's Briefs. Teresa from NanaHood

    1. Thank you so very much, Teresa! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love seeing your drawings, they are SO good. That pear is amazing!

  5. I love your #dailycreating, Linda! I’m going to feature it in this week’s Creative Compulsions.


  6. I love the rooster and you musings. You are one of my features today on the Little Cottage Link Party.